MCB-1.2 Benchtop MC-3 Upright
Workspace Volume 1.2 cu. ft. (34L) 3 cu. ft. (85L)
Temperature -73℃ to 190℃ (-100℉ to 375℉)
Optional Humidity 10% to 98% RH

Precise Temperature Simulation in a Compact Chamber

MicroClimate chambers simulate a full range of temperature conditions. This chamber is designed to provide users with a compact chamber for testing small components and products.

  • Small footprint saves valuable floor space in your laboratory
  • Benchtop chamber incorporates a stackable design saves floor space and allows users to perform manual thermal shock tests
  • Easy installation with no special electrical connections needed
  • Each units runs on 115V
  • Standard features include programmable controller, RS-232 computer interface, 2" access port, and humidity water demineralizer on humidity models
  • Economical

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